Build your dreams and have fun doing it!

At the Miracles' Academy we don't believe in bulls**t educational beaurocracy. We focus on nuturing your curiousity in getting to know yourself and the wonderful industry of film making and game development!
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Experiental Learning

We believe in learning through fun projects that are up to date with the industries needs!

We Teach the Why

You'll get to know why of everything you do in our courses. 

Portfolio Building

With our courses you'll have a solid portfolio behind you to apply for unique roles!

Provide Opportunities

We provide work-study or full-time opportunities or help guide you to opportunities in the industry.



Miracles' Academy Members

Rafael wijesekera
Jr Game Developer at Motion Miracles
"I learned more in 2 weeks at the Miracles School than any other place"
Aadil Rifath
Jr Game Developer at Motion Miracles
"In just 3 months I got a full-time role!"
Roshan De Selfa
Lead Game Artist at Motion Miracles
"I went from concept artists to leading the game art of a hit mobile game."
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Miracles Academy was built by the teams at Motion Miracles. Check out your mentors at work.

Looking for an Opportunity?

We provide internships, work-study to full-time opportunities. Check out our roles and see if the Motion Miracles studio is a fit for you!

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